A C package of quantum path integral Monte Carlo programs

This package was used in a recent J.Phys.A paper. It can be downloaded as a gziped tar archive MC.tar.gz (100 kB) or ask for a compressed tar archive MC.tar.Z (170 kB).

Put the downloaded file into an empty directory of a UNIX machine and do:

gunzip MC.tar.gz (or uncompress MC.tar.Z)
tar xf MC.tar

This should generate the following files:

1D.c            MAKEALL         RanGen1.c       q1D-dir.c       test.r.DEC
1D.h            Makefile        densDiff.c      ranmar.c        test.r.SPARC
1Dpotential.c   Makefile.DEC    halton.c        ranmar1.c       timing.c
DR.c            NRqromb.c       periodTest.c    test.c
DateAndTime.c   README          q1D-appr.c      test.m.DEC
LinePlots.c     RanGen.c        q1D-appr2.c     test.m.SPARC
Then read the README file to find out what to do next. In short, to make all the programs of the package, simply enter 'MAKEALL | more' and watch the output.

Let me know if there are any problems.