Help Page for printPS

 Program: printPS, (C) 1991-2004,2010,2012 Miroslav Kolar (18 Nov 2012 version)

 Purpose: To convert ASCII files to PostScript + some extensions
  Up to 8 logical pages on a single sheet of paper in various formats.
  Arbitrary font size and number of lines per page. Control character
  visualization, overprinting the preceding character, and multilevel
  subscripts and superscripts also available.

  printPS [-]-h[elp]   (to get more extensive help)
  printPS [options] [-] [file [[options] [-] file ... [-]]] [| lpr -Pprinter]
    - (if last argument) ... process standard input
    - (otherwise) ... next argument is a file name (may start with a '-')

  options: {-A4 -LTR -LGL} -sFirstpage -eLastpage {-wr -tr} {-sson -ssoff}
           {-port  -land  -2land  -4port  -port1 -land1 -2land1 -4port1}
           {-port2 -land2 -2land2 -4port2 -portT -landT -2landT -4portT}
           {-dh -HHeader -noH} {-bxon -bxoff} -fnFont -fhFont -linesLines
           {-numon -numoff}  {-Ig -Sp -Sh -ShAll}  -cpCopies  {-y2 -yA}
  All options are case-insensitive, except for the Header string.

                   1-sided      2-sided printing with flip about
                   printing     long edge    short edge (tumble)
   portrait:       -port1       -port[2]        -portT  
   landscape:      -land1       -land[2]        -landT  
   2-up landscape: -2land1      -2land[2]       -2landT  
   2x2 portrait:   -4port1      -4port[2]       -4portT  

  Long lines: -tr ... truncate;  -wr ... wrap around  (has effect for the
              Courier fonts only)
  -dh ... use default header made of file name and Last Modification Time (LMT)
  -y2/A ... print only the last 2/all digits of the year of the LMT
  Header = user supplied header string
  -noH ... no header line printed
  -bxoff/on ... (do not) draw box around each page
  -fn ... font for the main text
  -fh ... font for headers
  Both fonts can be one of the following:
  Font = #    ... Courier                 (# is the height in points - 
         B#   ... Courier-Bold             an arbitrary positive number;
         O#   ... Courier-Oblique          72 points = 1 inch)
         BO#  ... Courier-BoldOblique
         H#   ... Helvetica
         HB#  ... Helvetica-Bold
         HO#  ... Helvetica-Oblique
         HBO# ... Helvetica-BoldOblique
         A#   ... AvantGarde-Book
  Lines = maximum number of lines on a page
  -numoff/on ... (do not) print line numbers
  Control character rendering: -Ig ; -Sp ; -Sh ; -ShAll (see below)
  Sub/superscript control: -sson (enabled); -ssoff (disabled) (see below)
  Copies = number of copies to be printed
	The following two options must appear before the 1st file name:
  Paper size: -A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) ; -LTR (8.5" x 11") ; -LGL (8.5" x 14")
  Encoding: Standard ; Latin1 ; Latin2 ; Cyril
       (i.e., ASCII, ISO8859-1, ISO8859-2, ISO8859-5)

 Defaults: -dh  -yA  -cp1  -port2  -wr  -Ig  -LTR  -ssoff  -s1
           -e0 (= print till the end of file)
           -lines0 (= calculate reasonable default for each font height)
           -bxon  -numoff  -fhH8  -encLatin1
           -fn9  (for all  -port  and  -land)
           -fn7  (for all  -2land  and  -4port)

 printPS -port -e5 -fnB16.5 - -a -s3 -H -4port graph.c -HDATA fil3
   (the first 5 pages of the file -a and pages 3 to 5 of graph.c and fil3)
 printPS -LGL -2landT -fn8 code.c
   (paper-saving well-readable printout of computer code)
 iconv -f UTF-8 -t LATIN1//TRANSLIT uni.txt | printPS -H -bxoff - | lpr
 iconv -f UTF-8 -t LATIN2//TRANSLIT uni.txt | printPS -encLatin2 ... - | lpr
 iconv -f UTF-8 -t CYRILLIC//TRANSLIT uni.txt | printPS -encCyril ... - | lpr
   (uni.txt is a UTF-8 encoded itext file containing a mixture of, respectively,
   all West-European languages, all East-European Latin-based languages, and
   all East-European Cyrillic languages; the last example would actually print
   a readable mixture of all three groups, but with all accents missing)

  Control characters are either ignored (option -Ig), or printed as
  spaces (option -Sp), or shown as capital letters with a caret (circumflex
  accent) above them (option -Sh), except for ^H, ^I, ^J, ^L, and when -sson
  is on, also ^^, ^_ and ^]. Backspace (^H), Tab (^I), Newline (^J) and
  Formfeed (^L) retain their natural functions in all three cases.
  When -sson is on, ^^ and ^_ can be used to mark the beginning
  of superscripts and subscripts, respectively, and ^] their end.
  Multiple-level sub/superscripts are allowed, e.g. A^^B^_c^^a^]d^_3^]^]^].
  Backspace can be used for overprinting of two or more characters
  (e.g. for underlining) and Formfeed for page breaks. Tabs are expanded.

  If option -ShAll is specified, all control characters will be shown
  and only Newline will retain its function.

  For Courier fonts, long input lines are either truncated or printed on
  several output lines (wrapped around). In each case, a small double
  right angle bracket marks the end of an unfinished line. In case of
  input lines that do not fit on one output line, long sequences of
  consecutive Backspaces may sometime not be rendered correctly (for -Ig,
  -Sp or -Sh only). For the proportional Helvetica and AvantGarde-Book
  fonts, long lines are always clipped at the right page margin.
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